Physical Science Grade 12 OL/HL (PSC12)

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Course Facilitator: Ms Tonia Jacobs

Teacher Bio: Ms Tonia Jacobs, B Sc; HOD (University of Stellenbosch) Hon BEd (UNISA). Experienced in teaching Physical Science for 30 years.

Introduction: The Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Higher and Ordinary Level (NSSCO/H) syllabus for Physical Science is designed as a two-year course leading to examination after completion of the Junior Secondary Certificate. The syllabus is designed to meet the requirements of the Curriculum Guide for Formal Senior Secondary Education for Namibia and has been approved by the National Examination, Assessment and Certification Board (NEACB).

Course content:

  • General Science Section
    • Topic 1: Mathematical requirements
    • Topic 2: Scientific skills
  • Physics Section
    • Topic 1: General Physics
    • Topic 2: Thermal Physics
    • Topic 3: Oscillations
    • Topic 4: Properties of waves, including light and sound
    • Topic 5: Electricity and magnetism
    • Topic 6: Quantum theory and dual nature of light
    • Topic 7: Nuclear physics
  • Chemistry Section:
    • Topic 1: Experimental techniques
    • Topic 2: Atoms, Elements, Molecules and Compounds
    • Topic 3: Stoichiometry
    • Topic 4: Chemical reactions
    • Topic 5: Acids, Bases and Salts
    • Topic 6: The Periodic Table
    • Topic 7: Metals
    • Topic 8: Industrial uses and application of chemistry
    • Topic 9: Organic Chemistry
    • Topic 10: Environmental Chemistry

Herewith an introductory video clip by the course facilitator