EduLearn is the teaching and learning platform that has been established to deliver Edugate Academy’s courses online. Lessons focusing on multiple subjects, across multiple grades, are presented on this platform.


“The teacher who is indeed wise, does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind”. (Khalil Gibran)

There is no doubt whatsoever that the teaching profession is one of the most secure professions that exist. There will always be learners and these learners will always need teachers. This will never change. What definitely will change is the teaching and learning methods and processes.

The wide open spaces of Namibia pose numerous educational challenges in some of the remote areas. A shortfall of a well-functioning infrastructure in these areas deprive many learners from effective teaching and learning. Also keep in mind that not all teachers are willing to teach in these remote areas.

Edugate Academy is one of the youngest private schools in the country but has ample proof that it is one of the leading academic institutions in Namibia. The school is proud of its reputation, but also believe that the existing structure and methods is not sustainable. This project aims to share our skills and experience, not only with our own learners but also with those from marginalised schools in the remote rural areas.

We at Edugate Academy are of the opinion that with the aid of modern technology using an e-learning system, with the financial support from donor organisations, will not only transform the level of teaching but also provide those learners with new and unknown opportunities.

We, at Edugate Academy, have no doubt that e-Learning will take the educational market by storm in the years to come. Through e-Learning, we will position ourselves as a supplement to in-class teaching and learning, using this modern type of education, to humanise the classroom – what a challenge!

Learners will forget what teachers said, they will forget what teachers did, but they will never forget how teachers made them feel. (Adapted: Maya Angelou)

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