Mathematics Grade 09 (MAT09-T2)

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Mathematics Course for TERM 2

Subject Facilitator: Ms Liezle Kahl

Teacher Bio: Ms Liezle Kahl; BComm (Fin Acc) (US); PGED (Education) in Accounting and Business Studies (UNAM); 10 years teaching experience.

Subject Introduction: All school graduates are expected to be numerate and the study of mathematics at the junior secondary level contributes to the learner’s ability to think logically, work systematically and accurately and solve real-world problems. Since mathematics is a compulsory subject, the curriculum caters to a wide range of learner abilities, including those who are going to continue their studies in mathematics and other disciplines for which mathematics is a prerequisite.

Subject Outline:

  • Topic 1: Numbers
  • Topic 2: Algebra
  • Topic 3: Money and finance
  • Topic 4: Mensuration
  • Topic 5: Geometry
  • Topic 6: Graphs and functions
  • Topic 7: Statistics and probability

Herewith, an introductory video clip from the subject facilitator:

Required Textbook for this Subject's course