Life Science Grade 08 (LSC08-T2)

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Life Science Course for TERM 2

Subject facilitator: Ms Elizma du Plessis

Teacher Bio: Ms Elizma du Plessis, B. Ed. Snr & VOO; B. Ed. Hons. Specialising in Learner Support; 4 years experience.

Introduction: The syllabus for Life Science describes the intended learning outcomes and assessment practices for the Junior Secondary Phase within the natural sciences mainstream. The main aim of Life Science in the natural science area is therefore to provide basic scientific background for our learners with the hope of producing the much-needed scientists for the

Course Outline for Term 2:

  • Topic 1 Scientific processes
  • Topic 2 Sexual health and diseases
  • Topic 3 Living organisms
  • Topic 4 Passage of substances
  • Topic 5 Plants as living organisms
  • Topic 6 Human Biology
  • Topic 7 Ecosystem
Subject Facilitator: Ms Elizma du Plessis