Chemistry Grade 10 (CHE10-T2)

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Chemistry Course for TERM 2

Subject Facilitator: Ms Tonia Jacobs

Teacher Bio: Ms Tonia Jacobs, B Sc; HOD; (University of Stellenbosch) Hon BEd (UNISA). Experienced in teaching Physical Science for 30 years.

Subject Introduction: NSSCO levels are general qualifications that enable learners to progress either directly to employment, or to proceed to further qualifications. Learners who are awarded grades C to A* in NSSCO are well prepared to follow courses leading to Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advanced Subsidiary (NSCCAS) level Chemistry.

Subject Outline for Term 2:

  • Topic 1: Scientific processes
  • Topic 2: Matter
  • Topic 3: Materials
  • Topic 4: Stoichiometry
  • Topic 5: Electrochemistry
  • Topic 6: Chemical reactions
  • Topic 7: Acids, bases and salts
  • Topic 8: Qualitative analysis
  • Topic 9: Metals
  • Topic 10: Organic chemistry
  • Topic 11: Environmental and industrial chemistry
Subject Facilitator: Ms Tonia Jacobs