Biology Grade 12 OL/HL (BIO12-T2)

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Biology Course for TERM 2

Course Facilitator: Ms Hanlie van Zyl

Teacher Bio: Ms Hanlie van Zyl, B. Sc. Hons. Zoology; HED; 26 years experience in teaching.

Course Introduction: The Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate for Higher and Ordinary (NSSCH/O) level syllabus in Biology is designed as a two-year course leading to examination after completion of the Junior Secondary phase. The syllabus is designed to meet the requirements of the Curriculum Guide for Formal Senior Secondary Education for Namibia and has been approved by the National Examination, Assessment and Certification Board. (NEACB)

Course Outline for Term 2:

  • Section I: Characteristics, Classification and diversity of living organisms
    • Topic 1: Characteristics of living organisms.
    • Topic 2: Classification of living organisms
    • Topic 3: Diversity of organisms
  • Section II: Organisation and maintenance of the organisms
    • Topic 1: The microscope
    • Topic 2: Cell structure and organisation
    • Topic 3: Levels of organisation
    • Topic 4: The passage of substances across cell membranes
    • Topic 5: Enzymes
    • Topic 6: Nutrition
    • Topic 7: Transportation
    • Topic 8: Respiration
    • Topic 9: Breathing System in Humans
    • Topic 10: Excretion in humans
    • Topic 11: Co-ordination and response
    • Topic 12: Homeostasis
  • Section III
    • Topic 1: Cell division
    • Topic 2: Reproduction
    • Topic 3: Growth and development
    • Topic 4: Inheritance
  • Section IV
    • Topic 1: Energy flow, food chains and food webs
    • Topic 2: Nutrient cycles
    • Topic 3: Population
    • Topic 4: Human influences on ecosystems
Subject Facilitator: Mrs Hanlie van Zyl