Accounting Grade 08 (ACC08-T2)

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Accounting Course for TERM 2

Subject Facilitator: Ms Liezle Kahl

Teacher Bio: Ms Liezle Kahl; BComm (Fin Acc) (US); PGED (Education) in Accounting and Business Studies (UNAM); 10 years teaching experience.

Subject Introduction: The particular features of Accounting at this phase are to equip learners with the knowledge about and the skill to draw up and interpret a set of books, completing the whole accounting cycle from source documents through to financial statements, create in learners an attitude of accuracy, orderliness, neatness, thoroughness and disciplined working methods and cultivate in learners an understanding and appreciation of the value and importance of accounting for: personal use, as preparation for a career, as incentive for further study, to encourage worthy citizenship and to contribute to the national welfare of Namibia.

Subject Outline:

  • Topic 1: Basic Concepts and Terminology
  • Topic 2: Recording of Transactions
  • Topic 3: Trial Balance
  • Topic 4: Adjustments
  • Topic 5: Closing Transfers and Final Accounts
  • Topic 6: Financial Statements

Herewith, an introductory video clip from the subject facilitator:

Required Textbook for this Subject's course